Quick Update

November 7, 2011

I’ve been away from home for the last couple of month hence the lack of activity on the site. Because of this I haven’t been able to make any new Kyrima models. My goal at the moment for the game is to finish the website as I can do this without the need for my model making equipment, and then I can post the rules and other information on there.


Kyrima Rules Update

June 26, 2011

Another Kyrima update, I have managed to write most of the ‘core rules’ for Kyrima and have managed to move on to writing rules for individual models such as stat lines. All of the rules I have currently written are liable to change after some play testing. I’m going to have to make some more models so that Kyrima battles can be staged, at the moment however it will have to be some kind of Kyralian Civil war as I haven’t found any models that I think are suitable to use as Sakachans yet.

Once I’ve made a Kyralian Force and painted it I’ll have to get a picture of it in all its glory to stick on here.

Kyrima Update

June 20, 2011

For those of you worrying that news on the Kyrima front has gone a bit quiet recently fear not, as I have just been concentrating on the aspects of the game that aren’t as pretty to photograph such as coding the website and writing rules. Both of which I’m happy to say are coming along nicely (:

I did manage to get a nice group shot of the Kyrima models I have managed to make so far though. (click the image for a bigger one).

Group Shot 1

Kyralian Horse

June 16, 2011

Made a 25mm horse perfect for use in Kyrima woo. I know the magicians certainly traveled by horse but I don’t remember them ever fighting whilst on horseback, even though it would be really cool. So currently the horses job in the wargame is just to stand there looking good, which I think it manages rather well, even if it has suffered a battle wound in the form of a missing ear (it was dropped whilst being admired).

Kyralian Horse Side

Kyralian Horse Front

Kyralian Servant 2

June 14, 2011

A second Kyralian servant model, to add some variety to the battlefield.

Kyralian Servant 2 Front

Kyralian Servant 2 Back

Kyralian Servant

June 13, 2011

Another model to use in Kyrima. Not quite as glamorous as the magicians but necessary nevertheless.

Kyralian Servant Front

Kyralian Servant Back

Kyrima Website

June 11, 2011

I decided to give Kyrima a place to live on the web, so I have started making a website dedicated to the game.

So far I have made the template for the website using photoshop, which you can see below (click picture for a bigger image).

Website Template