Kyrima Rules Update

Another Kyrima update, I have managed to write most of the ‘core rules’ for Kyrima and have managed to move on to writing rules for individual models such as stat lines. All of the rules I have currently written are liable to change after some play testing. I’m going to have to make some more models so that Kyrima battles can be staged, at the moment however it will have to be some kind of Kyralian Civil war as I haven’t found any models that I think are suitable to use as Sakachans yet.

Once I’ve made a Kyralian Force and painted it I’ll have to get a picture of it in all its glory to stick on here.


2 Responses to Kyrima Rules Update

  1. Hi, I am currently doing a module on Mobile application development at Uni (Android Games basically) and was thinking of making a basic version of Kyrima, would you be able to share the basic rules you have got from the book, I keep trying to make notes but I get too sucked into the story, even though this is my 6th time reading it lol

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