Kyralian Alchemist

June 10, 2011

A third model joins the ranks of the Kyralian army, this time an alchemist painted in purple robes.



I didn’t notice that an error in the casting process had left him without a hand until i started to paint him, but i decided to leave him how he was to add character lol.

I’m pleased that Ive modeled the three main magician classes for the Kyralian army, as these classes will make up the bulk of the army.


Kyralian Healer Mage Figure

June 9, 2011

Another figure for Kyrima! This time a i painted the mage in the colours of a Kyralian healer (post Sachaka war)

Kyralian Healer Front

Kyralian Healer Back

Kyralian Warrior Mage Figure

June 8, 2011

Here is the first figure for the Kyrima war game. He is a Kyralian Warrior Mage, I chose to paint him red so that he is in the correct colour scheme for the Black Magician Trilogy and later (where after the foundation of the Magicians Guild warriors are denoted by their red robes).

Kyralian Warrior Mage Front

Kyralian Warrior Mage Back

My goal at the moment is to make models for the whole Kyralian army before moving onto the different regions.